The association African Women for Empowerment e.V (AWE e.V) was founded in
2019 by four African Women human rights activists in Europe.

In the course of their activism, these women met on several occasions and in 2018 started talking about creating an NGO.

In October 2019, their dream became reality as they in the course of their activism developed a strong passion for the disadvantaged and destitute people, especially women, children and persons living with disabilities (PWDs).

They soon realized how much potential each of them possesses and most especially, they also discovered that bringing together their talents and resources in an organization would be of greater benefit to a larger community of needy people.

Especially as these female activists strongly believe that a brighter future for Africa can only be realised by a greater involvement, engagement and commitment of women.

The reason for the creation of the association is the concern about the increasing number of refugees in Africa and generally, the socio-political and economic problems in Africa as a whole.

Other reasons include;
✔ The large number of Africans dying in the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to
    seek a better life in Europe
✔ The famine in many African countries
✔ Humanitarian crises especially in the war zones
✔ The challenges that African Women face to provide for their families and raise
✔ Illiteracy and the high mortality rate of babies and children
✔ The rising number of unemployed young dynamic civilians
✔ The persecution and oppression of minorities
✔ Lack of democratic structures and the violation of human rights
✔ Lack of gender equality in African communities and the dominance of men in
    African politics.


Our ideology lies in this aspect of, ”All lives matter”.

That is why we -- the African women -- have decided to forge for change by taking responsibilities into our hands and by actively engaging ourselves to make life favorable as much as possible to many children and women in Africa.


Eleanor Hagen



Celestine Kakon

Vice Chairlady


Jenny Tausch


Jerioth Nchang




Our Motto: “All Lives Matter


Our goals


✔ We focus primarily on women’s issues across Africa. We learn about what the
    existing women’s communities have been doing, see how we can fit into such
    initiatives and strengthen them.
✔ We strive to empower and inspire women and youths across Africa by
    providing them with a sense of self-esteem and pride
✔ We advocate for democratic processes all over Africa in which women have a
    significant role to play
✔ We seek common solutions in improving the living conditions of kids, youths
    and women in Africa, as well as to promote and share cultural identity
✔ We educate and empower the women in Africa to be self-reliant
✔ We provide humanitarian assistance to the needy and vulnerable
✔ We promote and undertake development activities in communities to improve
     and better the living conditions of the people.
✔ We organise and coordinate public outreach activities to inform the general
     public on humanitarian crisis, socio-political and economic situation in Africa
     especially in war torn zones.
✔ We promote the role of women in conflict management and conflict                       resolutions
✔ We organise fundraising activities in order to fund the projects of the
✔ We assist Africans and enable them to integrate smoothly into European



Our areas of operation

  1. Humanitarian aid
  2. Empowerment  
  3. Community Development
  4. Social assistance
  5. Educational assistance
  6. Information campaign and raising awareness
  7. Fundraising and resource mobilisation
  8. Networking and partnering with other organizations
  9. Communication and Media


Lily, the mascot