Our main focus is 6 UN Millennium Development Goals

  • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • To achieve universal primary education
  • To promote gender equality and empower women
  • To reduce child mortality
  • To improve maternal health
  • To develop a global partnership for development


    Many good reasons to support AWE e.V. initiated projects

✔ We empower other African women to be self-reliant, proud and confident.
✔ We strive to better and improve the living conditions of our suffering people.
✔ We commit ourselves to make African countries free, democratic and peaceful,
      so that our children and youths can have a better future.
✔ We encourage African women to actively participate in decision making processes,
      to take the destiny of Africa in their hands and strive to fix Africa

      and make it a safe-haven to this generation and the next.



Tracy's pastry business:
   production of chin-chin.

Tracy, a refugee from Southern
Cameroons is so proud of her pastry
business. Thanks to all our donors
who made this possible.

✔ We take young girls off the streets and enable them to have vocational training.
✔ We intervene to relieve kids, youths and mothers from crisis and
    strengthen them to be able to be resilient against challenges in life.
✔ We help the kids, youths and women to acquire good education.
✔ We network with women in various African communities, study their
    strength and empower them where need be.

Vice chairlady Celestine explains the goals and objectives of AWE e.v.